You Bring Us Joy - Mere Khwaja

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Author - Lorriane Walshe Ryan & Friends | Language - English


What author says

Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai!

Baba knows of my thoughts, words and deeds- hence all that is written in this book has been guided by Baba, I being His mere instrument. My love for Baba is simple and natural. I do not exhaust myself with other sadhanas for he is my Allah Malik, my Para Brahma (Absolute Reality) and is ever present in my heart.

This book of Joy is dedicated to  my Hazarat, Shirdi Sai Baba, who is my sole refuge. Pranams to God Ganesh, God Dattatreya, God Shiva, Goddess' s Saraswati and Ma Durga and Sweet Jesus.

To all the many bhaktas of Shirdi Sai Baba for their numerous contributions. I am sorry that all the experience kindly sent to me, could not be entered, Baba willing, perhaps in another book.

To Roshniji my humblest pranams for her patience and support for I would still be procrastinating had it not been for my Shama - Roshni - A gem of a friend. Thank you to Nitin too for your patience with me, I certainly took up a lot of Roshni's time. You have both been very tolerant of me and of great help.

My humble thanks to all of you.

Be wherever you like, do whatever you choose, rememeber this will that all what you do is known to Me. I am the INNER RULER of all and seated in their hearts. I envelope all the creatures, the movable and immovable world. I am the Controller, the wire puller of the show of this Universe. I am the mother, origin of all beings, the Harmony of three Gunas, the propeller of all senses, the Creator, Presever and Destroyer. Nothing will harm him who turns his attention towards me, but Maya will lash or whip him who forgets me. All th insects, ants, visible, movable and immovable world is My body or form". Sai Satcharita - page 14. Baba's Sweet and Nectar-like words.

May Baba Ever Be In Every One of us!

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