Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards

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First time ever, Shri Sai Baba’s messages are coming as Cards to ‘connect’ with Baba and

1) Seek answers to day to day challenging issues

2) To meditate on ‘Daily message from Sai Baba’

About the Author - Shamshaad Ali Baig

Shamshaad Ali Baig is a journalist, author, publisher and a healer. She is blessed to have Sai Baba as her revered Guru for lifetimes. She is experiencing His grace and was guided to write a book on Him which was published in 2006. And she feels overjoyed with love for the divine for this creation of His.

Message from the Author Shamshaad Ali Baig

Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards helps me connect with Sai devotees across the globe

Before you start wondering about how Sai Baba connected me with Sai devotees’ across the globe, you would definitely want to know what are Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards. So a brief update on the Cards-

I was guided by Sai Baba to launch Sai Baba Blessing Cards (like playing cards); each card has a message of Baba on it and is pictorially designed.

There are innumerable Leelas of Baba guiding me throughout this project.
  • Baba helped me resolve the financial challenges for printing the card.
  • He ensured a good quality of printing.
  • He cleared my doubts, regarding how He will answer questions of His devotees through these 60 philosophical utterances.
  • He marketed the packs to His devotees around the globe.
In 2011 He gave me an inspiration to come out with Blessing Cards (like playing cards) on Sai Baba. When the guidance came I negated it, many thoughts swarmed through my mind- it is an odd idea, how can I do it, where is the money for printing, who will buy such cards, etc. But the idea would keep on re-surfacing.

Finally in May 2012, I was participating in a spiritual programme, I saw Sai Baba standing on the stage and urging me: ‘Why do you worry about the finance? Everything will be taken care of… Don’t worry; I am there to support you.’ And this prompted me to start working on the Blessing Cards project.

The major relief was the printer agreed to work with an advance of just Rs.10,000 and some post-dated cheques.

When the first rush of prints came from the printing press, everything was fine – except for one picture which was technically not matching the original colour tone. I knew that such a minor error, nobody would really notice, as they had not seen the original image and its colour tone. But I was beset with feelings of guilt and sought Sai Baba’s guidance.

I brought the issue up with the printer’s staff; he shrugged and said that nothing can be done about that particular card. Just then, the press production supervisor arrived and I informed him. He said, “We can better this quality.” He went and fixed a few knobs and soon reams of fabulously printed sheets started coming out!

I was only going to give two pamphlets on how to use the Blessing Cards, but Baba inspired me to pen a guidebook, while the printing was on. And while I was writing the guidebook, another of my niggling worry was resolved by Baba. I would often think, how can Baba’s philosophical utterances ever resolve the devotees’ questions regarding finance, career, marriage, etc.? Baba in His infinite wisdom guided me that, when the question is posed to Him, He will guide the seeker through the image or message on the card or through a thought, image, sound, feeling, etc., which will arise in that moment of ‘Communion’.

These are not prediction or astrology-based cards. These are guidance cards, and when one connects with Baba, He guides you.

As usual Baba has His own way of reaching His people. There are over 800 people on my Facebook account, so even if I modestly say only 20 percent are reading my statuses, yet I got order from only four people, when I launched the Blessing Cards in mid August 2012. I was feeling that this project will fail, and I will be sitting with debts to pay off.

But I am grateful that orders have been coming from some known and more unknown people. I would sometimes wonder if Baba Himself is buying all these Cards so that I can clear the financial dues.

Some write to me and say how Baba came ceremoniously to them, after they had concluded the Arati at their home, and the courier person just appeared to hand over Blessing Cards. Some stay at far off destinations and they have been eagerly waiting for days, and when they get the parcel it is on a Thursday, which many consider as Baba’s day!

Parvez J Daruwala was overjoyed to receive these Blessing Cards as a gift from a friend, when he was least expecting. He said the gift could not have arrived at a more opportune time than this, as he was feeling down because he could not go with his friends to Shirdi as he had some pending work to be done. He felt, that Baba came to him, when he was unable to go to Baba.

I have noticed that since September 2012, those who have ordered for these Blessing Cards have come closer to me, as if a mystical thread binds us. Some ‘Rinanubandh’ (ties from the past lives) are being revealed through these Blessing Cards. I connected with Parvathi in Australia, and we plan to meet when she visits India next.

I have connected with a Sai Brother Vineep in Thailand and have started sharing about working on some projects for the spread of Sai message. Inspired by a talk with him I launched a free Sai newsletter.

Recently I was participating in an exhibition, a family visiting India from New Zealand came to my stall. They could identify me because of the Blessing Cards, since, they had received it as a gift, and within a month they are returning home with the Blessing Cards. I am happy to know, I have a Sai family in New Zealand too!

Baba in His inimitable style connects all the Sai devotees and I can only sit and marvel at His leelas!

A pack of Shri Sai Baba Blessing Cards contains
  • Blessings
  • 60 utterances of Baba with colourful and attractive design
  • A Guide Book on how to use the Blessing Cards

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